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Below are the Researchers / Innovators names, roles, Biographical Sketches and Organizations

Name Biographical SketchOrganization
Claus Grøn Sørensen
• Operational analyses regarding the establishment of green fields improving N uptake
• Operational analysis of the harvesting process, including the determination of utilisation and optimal harvesting capacity
• Development of a decision support system for operational planning of field operations (ph.d-project)
• Operational analysis and modeling of the handling of animal manure using innovative technologies
• Operational analysis and modeling of the labour and machinery input using adapted technologies in Ecological farming
• Technical and economical analysis and evaluation of handling animal manure aimed at better nutrient utilisation
• Development implementation of an interactive model and PC-programme for analysis and prognostication of labour and machinery input
• Development of operational technical models as part of a system oriented farm model
• Development of a planning system for an autonomous vehicle, including route planning
• Evaluation of innovative agricultural production systems through a life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology
Research Centre Bygholm, Denmark

Erik Fløjgaard Kristensen
• Post harvest technology with focus on drying technique
• Technique for organic plant production
• Organic weed control
• Energy crops. Growing, harvest and processing
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept of Agricultural Engineering

Robin Stuart
My specialties are insect ecology and biological control. My major individual and collaborative research projects involve investigations of the role of ants and other predators in the biological control of the citrus root weevil, Diaprepes abbreviatus, improving the effectiveness of entomopathogenic nematodes for augmentative biological control of Diaprepes, the movement and longevity of adult Diaprepes, the importance of soil variables in explaining adult Diaprepes distributions within and among sites, and the effectiveness of strategic pesticide applications and rootstock resistance in promoting the health and survival of trees under stress from Diaprepes and Phytophthora.
University of Florida CREC, Lake Alfred

Winfried Schäfer
Technique in organic farming, renewable energy

Jeff Buderer

Village One Foundation

Hala Chaoui
Currently a postdoc at the University of Illinois' Energy Biosciences Institute . Research topics:
Earthworm casts as fertilizer, compared to compost and synthestic fertilzers.
Electric earthworm separation, to streamline waste bioconversion by earthworms, and make organic soil amendments more affordable
Biofilters as a means to reduce pollution (ammonia and greenhouse gases).
Effect of mixing and innovative alternative to mixing of biogas yield of biogesters, with a goal to optimize biogas production. Optimizing bioethanol production, focus on feedstock storage and pre-processing.
Energy Biosciences Institute

Adrian Bowyer
Biology in engineering and RepRap - Self-replicating Machines
The Bioaffinity Applications Laboratory - Smart Materials
PowerMaze - a novel electrical power distribution system
Geometric Modelling and the Svlis Geometric Modeller.
RepRap; replicating rapid Prototyper

Mark Lefsrud
Biosystems Engineering and Plant Sciences
McGill Bioresources Engineering

Kathy Voth
Training animals to manage weeds and other aspects of natural landscapes
Livestock for Landscapes, Livestock for Landscapes on utube

Carlo Liefert
Quality Low Input Food production, and the nutritious value of organic versus convention food.
Newcastle University

Ron Berezan
Organic gardening, edible landscaping, permaculture design
The Urban Farmer

Alwyn Smith
Administrator of Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)
We advocate policy development on behalf of our members at decision making government level. We also promote understanding of the industry and its potential through tools such as industry events, forums, conferences, newsletters and publications, our objective is to provide borderless access to the information that can affect today's clean energy industries as much as tomorrow's world.
South African Alternative Energy Association

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