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Research Institutes
FiBL (German research institute, in English)
DARCOF (Danish Research Institute)
Rodale Institute (UK)
BioAg in the Caribbean (in French)
ITAB (French research institute, in French)
BioAg at INRA (A National French Institute, in French)

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM)
Organic Europe
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
The New Farm
Organic Farming Research Foundation
The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network
Organic food and farming education and research (OFFER)
Cascade Harvest
Organic Consumer Organization (editorial on fair trade in organic agriculture)
Fair Trade Lebanon

Sustainable Housing
Ceramic Housing
Eco Buildings

Ecologically Sustainable Industries
Gunter Pauli's Principles
Zero Emission Research and Initiatives
Green Roofs Industries Associations
AIDG Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group
Xela Teco
RepRap, a 3D printer substituting for factories

EPA's recycling site
Recycler's World
Ecological Footprint

Environmental Organizations
World Environmental Organization
Sierra Club
Documentary on Global Warming
Other Links

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